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Within our EMC and Radio Test facilities we offer:

Ferrite Lined Semi-Anechoic Chambersite h

3 metre radiated emissions measurements
4m antenna mast, 4m diameter turntable (3 tonnes load capability)
Chamber dimensions: 10m x 6m x 5.5m
Chamber door dimensions: 3.5m high x 2m wide entry doors

Semi-Anechoic Chambersite m

3 metre radiated emissions measurements
Radiated susceptibility up to 30 V/m
4m antenna mast
1.2m diameter turntable

Semi-Anechoic Chambersite b

3 metre radiated emissions
Radiated susceptibility up to 30 V/m
4m antenna mast
1.2m diameter turntable

Anechoic Chambersite q

Fully anechoic for antenna and radio equipment measurements
Semi-anechoic (removable absorber) for pre-compliance 3m
field strength measurements

EMC Control Rooms

Shielded control room for remote control of scanning antenna, turntable and user equipment
Monitoring via fibre optic remote controlled cameras
Filtered panel and waveguide connection for routing of cables to support equipment

Screened Room - Conducted Emissions

Conducted Emissions tests to 30 MHz

Screened Room - Conducted Immunity

Conducted Immunity tests to 400 MHz

Control Room - Conducted Immunity

Shielded control room for monitoring
Operating test equipment

Screened Room - Automotive Tests 

Vehicular Transients 12 & 24V

Transient Labs

Electrical Fast Transient/Burst (EFT/B)
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Radio Lab

Thermal chamber -40 to +80°C
FM, AM and Audio measurements 
Spectral analysis 9kHz-110GHz
Receiver BER, SNR, SINAD etc
RF power up to 100W
Adjacent Channel Power 150kHz-22.5GHz
Frequency Error and Stability to 26.5GHz

Microwave Chamber

Shielded Anechoic Chamber
Emissions 1-170GHz
Pre-amplification to 40GHz

Safety Lab

Dynamic electrical and mechanical tests
Visual Inspections

OATS (Open Area Test Site)oats

3 metre and 10 metre radiated emissions   
Antenna measurements
4m antenna mast
1.2m diameter turntable

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