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Within our test facility we have custom built laboratories / anechoic chambers containing the latest test equipment enabling us to meet the most arduous standards. From small handheld devices to large equipment we have a suitable chamber.

Our Facilities Comprise of:

3m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber (H)
Two 3m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber (M & B)
3m Fully-Anechoic Chamber Anechoic Chamber (Q)
Fully-Anechoic Chamber Microwave Chamber (A)
Two Radio Laboratories (A & N)
Two General Purpose Screened Rooms (F & D)
Automotive Electrical Test Screened Room (R)
Two Transient / Surge / VDI and ESD Test Laboratories (C, T)
Safety Laboratory (S)
3 and 10m Open Area Test Site (OATS)

RN Electronics offer:

• Radiated Immunity: 20Hz – 18GHz up to 30V/m (depending on frequency and test method).
• Test methods include bulk current injection, stripline, electric and magnetic free field.
• Radiated Emissions: 20Hz – 230GHz Conducted Emissions: 20Hz – 30 MHz.
• Conducted Immunity to 400 MHz.
• Transients: to 4.4.kV, Surges: 4.4 kV, Voltage Dips & Interruptions <16A
• Harmonics & Flicker: <16A
• ESD: Variable networks up to ± 16.5 kV, contact and air.
• Magnetic Immunity DC & 16 kHz -100 kHz
• Vehicular Transients 12 & 24V
• Radiated and Conducted Emissions Radio Testing up to 231GHz.
• Pre-amplification to 40GHz
• Thermal chamber -40 to +80°C
• FM, AM and Audio measurements
• Spectral analysis 9kHz-110GHz
• Receiver BER, SNR, SINAD etc.
• RF power up to 100W
• Adjacent Channel Power 150kHz-22.5GHz
• Frequency Error and Stability to 26.5GHz
• Safety dynamic, electrical and mechanical tests including visual inspections.

Please note: the information given above is a sample of our testing capabilities, please contact us for further details if the test that you require is not listed.

Laboratory Dimensions:

Semi-Anechoic Chamber H

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 6.0 m (L) 10.0 m  (W) 5.5 m
Chamber Double Door Dimensions:  (H) 3.5 m  (W) 2.0 m   
4m motorised antenna mast
Pneumatic controls for remote aerial rotation
Large remote-control turntable
Turntable diameter - 4m
Turntable load capacity - 3 tonnes
Cables routed under the floor from the control room to centre of the
Remote video monitoring system


Semi-Anechoic Chamber M

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 5.5 – 3.6 m (L) 8.4 m (W) 5.5 m
4m motorised antenna mast
Remote-control turntable
Turntable diameter - 1.2m
Remote video monitoring system


Semi-Anechoic Chamber B

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 4.8 m (L) 6.2 m (W) 3.6 m
4m motorised antenna mast
Remote-control turntable
Turntable diameter - 1.2m
Remote video monitoring system


Fully-Anechoic Chamber Q

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 2.93 m (L) 6.70 m (W) 3.10 m


Fully-Anechoic Microwave Chamber A

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 2.31 m (L) 3.40 m (W) 2.46 m


Screened Room F

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 2.4 m (L) 3.6 m (W) 3.6 m


Screened Room D

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 3.0 m (L) 3.6 m (W) 2.4 m


Screened Room R

Overall Dimensions:  (H) 2.25 m (L) 3.05 m (W) 2.77 m


Maximum size of EUT: (H) 3.0m x (W) 2.5m

Electrical Supplies: ​

Single Phase  50Hz 230V  30A supply 
Single Phase 50Hz 115V  20A supply 
Single Phase 60Hz 115V  17A supply 
Single Phase 400Hz  115V  12A supply 
Three Phase 50Hz 400V  30A supply 

RN Electronics has indoor customer facilities, comfortable seating and bench space with television, daily newspapers and internet access. Tea and coffee making facilities are available and refreshments are provided. Outdoor undercover seating areas are also provided.

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