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RN Electronics can help you gain access for your products into the worldwide market. We can provide the required testing and certification services for the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand markets. We can also assist with achieving the requirements of all other countries, through our global market access partner, including advice on local representation and in-country testing.

Each country has different regulations and you will need to ensure that you comply with the relevant regulations before placing your product into that market place. Please see below the testing and certification offered by RN Electronics shown by country / region. Please contact us for more information, or if you are looking to supply into a market not listed.

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United Kingdom                                               Europe                                                               USA

canadian flag         australia flag top         japan flagCanada                                                               Australia & New Zealand                                Japan




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Regulator: State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC) Type Approval

EMC & Radio Testing Requirement:
In country testing.

Certification Route: Testing and certifications are required to be carried out in country.



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Regulator: Infocomm Development Authority (iDA).

Radio Testing Requirement:
ILAC accredited FCC or EU test reports can be used.

Certification Route: Local representative required for certification.


Hong Kong

hong kong ofta vcci

Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA)

EMC & Radio Testing Requirement: Reliant on the type of device.

EMC Certification Route: In country testing is required.

Radio Certification Route:
FCC or EU test reports used in submission.

South Korea 

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Regulator: Korea Communications Commission Republic of Korea (KCC)

EMC Testing Requirement: Test report from NRRA-accredited laboratories accepted.

Radio Testing Requirement: In country testing is required.


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Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC)   

Radio Testing Requirement:
UKAS test reports accepted.

Radio Certification Route: EU test reports can be used, deviations apply. 

United Kingdom


From the 1st January 2021, the UKCA mark becomes the new product conformity mark used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It is a legal requirement for most electronic products placed on the UK market and covers most goods which previously required CE marking. For the Northern Ireland market, the CE marking or UKNI marking is required.

UKCA and CE marking processes involves both technical and administrative requirements to be met as set out in the relevant directives, before a product is placed on the market and on an on-going basis as well.

We can undertake testing to the UK version of European EMC and Radio standards (BS EN) and support you to ensure that your products are compliant for sale on the UK market whether they have been manufactured in the UK or imported.

Technical Requirements

Designated standards exist for all regulations and are covered in the UK Designated Standards. Using designated standards to assess products is the most commonly used route for manufacturers and we are able to help you through the UKCA Marking process including UKAS accredited testing at our Laboratory.

RN Electronics can help: Assist you in applying the UKCA Marking to a number of product variations, without having to test them all. Provide a Gap analysis service which involves taking your current test reports and reviewing them against the latest requirement, to provide a summary report, highlighting any different/missing tests that you would need to perform, helping you maintain on-going compliance.

Administrative Requirements

In addition to meeting the technical requirements of a directive, there are also administrative requirements that need to be met.

Including the collation of Technical Documentation and the creating and signing a Declaration of Conformity (DoC); the legal statement that the product meet the requirements of the UK Regulations; Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016, Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 and Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

Like the equivalent EU Directives (EMCD, RED & LVD) it is allowable to self-declare compliance to these regulations, although for Radio standards only when the manufacturer has applied the UK designated standards.


More information on the UKCA mark can be viewed here.


The CE Marking process for electronic products in Europe involves serval technical and administrative steps that need to be completed before your product can be placed on the market and maintained thereafter. CE Marking is a legal requirement for most electronic products placed on the European market.

RN Electronics can assist you through the process and as part of our service we will be pleased to advise on the standards applicable to your product. We can undertake testing to all European Standards, BS EN, ETSI, CENELEC etc.

Technical Requirements

You need to identify all of the applicable EU directives (EMCD, RED, LVD etc) for your product and then provide evidence such as a test report to show that your product is in conformity with their requirements.

Each directive has a list of harmonised European standards (ENs) related to it, providing Presumption of Conformity with the requirements of the relevant directive when correctly applied. A lot of manufacturers select this route, RN Electronics are able to help you through the European CE Marking process including testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory No. 2360.

Administrative Requirements

As part of the European CE marking process you also need to compile and keep the Technical Documentation, draw up and sign a Declaration of Conformity (DoC); the legal statement that the product meets the requirements of the relevant directives.

Ongoing Compliance

The requirements of the European Directives for CE marking apply not just at the point that a product was first placed on the market, but all products of that type subsequently placed on the market.
To remain compliant, you need to periodically check that:
The directives and standards applicable to your product have not changed.
The product itself has not changed.


We can help you gain access to US markets through our accredited testing services.

EMC Testing

RN Electronics is recognised as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and we are designated to perform compliance testing on equipment subject to Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) under Parts 15B and 18 of the Commission's Rules.

There are two main parts of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that cover EMC:
FCC Part 15B – Radio frequency devices (non-intentional radiators).
FCC Part 18 – Industrial, scientific and medical equipment.

Radio Testing

As an FCC accredited testing laboratory for the US market, RN Electronics can perform unlicensed radio testing to various parts of 15C, along with testing to certain licensed rule parts. We can also provide certification services in order to achieve FCC grants and listing on the FCC’s website for Radio equipment. RN Electronics FCC scope of accreditation can be viewed here. FCC 47 CFR Part 15 also covers devices which are intentional radiators in subpart 15C.

Further Information:

More information on FCC authorisation procedures can be viewed here.

FCC Certification Process Link
Knowledge Database (Allowing you to lookup KDB’s) Link
Labelling KDB Link


We can help you gain access to Canadian markets through our accredited testing services.

We can perform EMC and Radio tests to Canadian ISED standards and our 3 and 10m OATS test site and semi – anechoic chambers are filed with ISED under 5612-1 5612-2, 5612-3, and 5612-4.

EMC Testing

RN Electronics is able to provide testing to ICES-003 and, where manufacturers wish to place their products on both the US and Canadian markets, a test report that addresses the requirements of both regulatory authorities.

Radio Testing

In Canada the ISED requires both testing and certification of radio equipment using an appointed certification body. RN Electronics provides the testing and support of ISED certification to achieve ISED acceptance, certificates for radio equipment and listing on Canada’s Radio Equipment List (REL).

Further Information

IC / ISED Cert process FAQ's Link
RSP-100 Link

Australia and New Zealand

We can help you gain access for your products to markets in Australia and New Zealand through our appointment as a Conformity Assessment Body and using accredited testing.

EMC Testing

A Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) exists between Australia and New Zealand and the EU. RN Electronics is a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) under the MRA, this means that products tested in our UKAS accredited laboratory and accompanying RN Electronics test reports can be used to place your products on the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Radio Testing

Radio and wireless devices tested in our UKAS accredited laboratory to the applicable European and FCC radio standards and accompanying RN Electronics test reports can be used to place your products on the market in Australia and New Zealand. The RCM mark must be affixed to the product. For further details please contact RN Electronics.

Further Information


Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for telecoms, wireless and electrical equipment. However, unlike Europe, it does not have a harmonised scheme for certification, so you must apply for certification in each country you wish to market in. We can help you place products on the Japanese market through our membership of the VCCI Scheme.

EMC Testing

Accreditation by UKAS for the emissions testing of ITE (Information Technology Equipment) allows RN Electronics to be a Supporting Member of the Japan Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI). Our test reports are acceptable to the VCCI, enabling manufacturers to confidently place their ITE products on the Japanese market. Our VCCI compliant large test chamber allow us to provide testing of products for the Japanese market, we can perform the following tests AC Conducted Emissions, Telecoms Emissions and Radiated Emissions 30MHz - 6GHz.

Radio Products

Radio and wireless devices placed in the Japanese market will require a test report showing compliance to the Japanese radio legislations.

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