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EMC Testing

Our Electromagnetic Compatibility testing services offer you a fast and efficient way to CE mark with confidence. We are committed to providing exceptional testing and EMC advice. 

Radio Testing

All products containing radio devices sold in the EU from 13th June 2017 must comply with the RED

Electrical equipment marketed in the USA and Canada requires authorization by FCC / ISED 

We offer bespoke testing such as measurement of antennas

Safety Testing

Safety testing for electrical products, helping you meet worldwide safety compliance requirements

FCC Equipment Authorisation Types

Electrical equipment marketed in the USA requires authorization. There are three main levels of evidence required according to the risk of interference that the type of equipment possesses:

Level 1: Verification

Low risk should be "Verified". Unintentional radiators I.e. TVs, radios and most digital devices with low probability of causing interference. The equipment is tested at any facility of the manufactures choice and details kept on file should they ever be requested for inspection.

Level 2: Declaration of Conformity

Medium risk requires a "Declaration of Conformity". Unintentional radiators I.e. That connect with PC's or television systems, CB radios, digi-boxes, and other digital devices considered to be medium risk. The product is tested at an accredited facility and similar to in Europe the manufacture draws up a Declaration to accompany the product and its technical file.

Level 3: Certification

High risk requires "Certification". Intentional radiators I.e. RF transmitters, radar detectors  and certain other high risk devices. The product is tested at a listed facility and the technical file reviewed by an independent body before a certificate is granted and details listed on the FCC website.

There is also a fourth level for telecom products:


Level 4: Registration

FCC registration program and associated directives intended to assure that all connected terminal equipment and protective circuitry will not harm the public switched telephone network or certain private line services and telecommunication devices.

How do I determine which level my product is?

If the EUT is an intentional radiator then Certification procedure applies.

If the EUT is an unintentional radiator then one of three procedures may apply, use this equipment authorisations types table to see what type your device requires.


                       *Extent of the accreditation is limited by the scope click to view.

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