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Specialists in Radio Testing internationally

Our Radio Testing services help you meet international wireless regulations, testing radio equipment products to support UKCA marking under the UK Radio Equipment Regulations, CE marking in Europe under RED, FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada).

Radio Testing

RN Electronics - the route to compliance for your radio products, including Wi-Fi, Radio and Telecoms equipment.

What is Radio Testing

Radio testing, or Radio Frequency testing, assesses radio equipment to ensure there is no interference with the devices and users of the nearby RF environment.

Why is Radio Testing Important

Radio testing is required to demonstrate compliance to most worldwide markets. Depending on the market / region, various compliance regimes are in place and are required to be followed to allow placing on that market compliant radio equipment. Radio equipment testing ensures that a device efficiently uses radio spectrum and also does not interfere with other radio spectrum users.

How We Can Help

RN Electronics has vast experience in ensuring legal compliance to meet local wireless regulations and our knowledgeable engineers are experts in radio/wireless product testing, including RF design troubleshooting, certifications/approvals and antenna testing.

Our product testing can help you meet key requirements to support the UKCA marking under the UK Radio Equipment Regulations, CE marking in Europe under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU, FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada). Many other countries can be covered with the same standards, so please make contact for advice on specific countries.

Radio Technologies

Our testing covers many common radio technologies used in a wide range of products. These radio technologies include:

• Bluetooth – Classic (with EDR) and Low Energy
• Wi-Fi – 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN
• ZigBee – DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) & LoRaWAN (Long-Range Wide-Area Network)
• Short Range Devices (SRD) – Including Z-Wave, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), Induction Loop, Land Mobile Service (Analogue and Digital), NFC (Near-field Communication)
• mmWave (Millimetre Wave) – Including wireless systems such as mmWave backhaul
• Satellite Positioning – GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
• GPS and Cellular Technologies – Including GSM 2G/3G/LTE/4G in base stations and repeaters
• Private Mobile Radio (PMR) – This is also a requirement for marine radio and fixed link equipment

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Testing of Digital TV and Radio Products for the European Market

RN Electronics and DTG Testing have launched a CE Marking testing partnership. Complete Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certification now available through one service.

•    RF testing
•    EMC testing
•    Health and Safety
•    Notified Body assessments

RN Electronics & DTG Testing

RN Electronics have chosen to partner with DTG Testing for a wide range of products such as DTT receivers, active antennas, amplifiers, DAB radio receivers, satellite receivers and LNBs. The two organisations have the facilities to provide a full range of compliance testing to the EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU in addition to DTG’s Freeview, Freesat and DAB ‘tick mark’ conformance testing.

About DTG

DTG Testing have underpinned the Freeview and Freesat trademarks since 2000 as well as the Digital Radio Tick Mark since 2014, and operates from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in central London. With many years’ experience and expertise in RF and wireless product testing, DTG Testing has been instrumental in development of several wireless standards for demonstrating compliance to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and are UKAS accredited to provide the following RED compliance test services:

•    EN 303 340 DTT receivers
•    EN 303 354 DTT amplifiers
•    EN 303 354 DTT active antennas
•    EN 303 072-2 satellite indoor units

DTG Testing is also a Notified Body, providing assessments for articles 3.1a, 3.1b and 3.2 for a range of products please contact our customer services for further details or to book an assessment.

Booking Process

Contact DTG Testing or RN Electronics with your enquiry
We will contact you to discuss the product and/or standard(s) to be tested
We will send you a company/product questionnaire for your completion
We will then provide a quotation and advise potential test dates
Once you agree and provide a purchase order, we will provide a test confirmation

Radio Accreditations

• A UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2360 to ISO 17025:2017

• Accredited by the FCC for the US market (Registration No.293246) and ISED (formerly Industry Canada) in Canada (registered under site Nos. 5612A-1, 5612A-2, 5612A-3 and 5612A-4)

• Recognised as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) by the FCC (USA)

• Designated to perform compliance testing on equipment subject to SDoC under Parts 15B and 18 of the FCC’s Rules


Radio Tests and Standards

Transmitter tests
• RF Output Power
• Power Spectral Density
• Spectrum Emission Mask
• Occupied Channel Bandwidth
• Frequency Stability / Error
• Radiated Band Edge
• Duty Cycle
• Modulation Bandwidth
• Transmitter unwanted emissions in the out-of-band or spurious Domain

Receiver tests
• Sensitivity
• Adjacent Channel / Frequency Band Selectivity
• Receiver Spurious Emissions
• Receiver Intermodulation
• Blocking

Radio Standards

Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) / Radio Equipment Regulations

The Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) has been in force since June 2016. From June 2017 onwards Radio Equipment placed on the European Market must comply with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Compliance with the Radio Equipment Regulations for UKCA marking will be required, however in most cases it will be possible to use CE marking until 31 December 2021. From 1 January 2022 it will be necessary to use UKCA marking and Declarations of Conformity (DoC) to UK Radio Equipment Regulations.

Certification with the FCC / ISED

Electrical equipment marketed in the USA and Canada requires authorisation. There are two authorisation routes, SDoC and Certification. We can support these routes to compliance, including certification with the FCC and / or ISED.

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