What is ErP?

ErP is the new Energy-related Products directive 2009/125/EC, which replaces the EuP Energy using Products directive 2005/32/EC or sometimes called the Eco-Design directive.

Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with Articles 1 to 9, 11, 14, 15 and 20 and Annexes I to V, VII and VIII by 20 November 2010.

Originally the Eco-Design directive for energy using products only covered boilers and heaters. The new ErP directive covers products under the old EuP directive and will expand into products that are energy-related and do not directly use energy such as double glazing windows.

ErP - Why is it necessary?

To reduce the environmental impact of products across the life cycle, with a particular focus on energy. Manufactures will be required to introduce design changes in order for this to happen.

Manufacturers should:

  • Assess the level of business dispruption and costs which may arise from the requirements and how this will affect the ability to gain/maintain CE marking for its products.
  • Minimise the costs and risk by taking action early to build the requirements into all new product designs and design reviews of existing products.

ErP - What are the legalities?

Stand by/off mode Implementing Measure (IM) was adopted in December 2008 by the European Commission and came into force in January 2009.

Under the ErP directive this is the first implementing measure to be enforced. The purpose of the Stand by/off mode regulation is to ensure the lowest possible energy use of all household and office products in passive Stand by/off modes.

ERP - What are the Stand by/off mode limits?

Below are the power consumption limits that all household and office electrical and electronic equipment need to comply with:

  • January 7th 2010: Off mode not to exceed 1.00W power consumption.
                               Standby mode not to exceed 1.00W, or 2.00W
                               power consumption if providing information or status
  • January 7th 2013: Off mode not to exceed 0.50W power consumption.
                               Standby mode not to exceed 0.50W, or 1.00W 
                               power consumption if providing information or status


ErP - Which products are required to meet the ErP directive's Stand by/off mode implementing measures?

  • Household appliances e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, toasters.
  • IT and consumer equipment e.g. radios, televisions, audio amplifiers, satellite recievers.

ErP - How can we help?

RN Electronics Ltd can help you meet the Stand by/off mode implementing measure limits currently in place.

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